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The Death of Marat (by Jacques-Louis David, 1793) is a favorite of mine. Dukat used just because of his conveniently rhyming name (well, only if you say it with an American accent, but if not you can pretend), though I’m sure many people would be happy to stab him while he moisturizes his scales in the tub.



watch DS9 they said


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"Star Trek" is very conservative, there is a conservatism about "Star Trek" that I think "Deep Space Nine" in a sense went against. It defied that conservatism. "Deep Space Nine" was not as black and white as the other "Star Trek" shows. It was different. It was not people in a rocket ship doing one-night stands on a planet to planet to planet, coming in and battling the evil aliens or some kind of monster or whatever. It was a community unto itself on the edge and this is what I loved about the show, every one of the characters on "Deep Space Nine" had a moral dimension about them. Each one of them was in touch with their dark side.
—Andrew J. Robinson in this interview with TZN (via tinsnip)

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I fucking CAN’T. I can talk FOREVER about this storyline; the storyline of Kira as a freedom fighter of an oppressed people. Who grows out of her rage and sees how much more complex the universe is and who eventually ends up teaching her fucking oppressors the same rebel techniques she learned. Fucking Deep Space 9, man

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Oh, Julian.

Richard: All those gifts, all those accomplishments and you still want to behave like a spoiled child. You better grow up and start taking is seriously or you’re going to lose everything!

Julien: You mean you’re going to lose everything. You’ll lose the one real accomplishment in your life: me.