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So is Bioware not going to be at PaxEast? I was just looking through the downloadable guidebook, and can’t find them anywhere. =/

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Dear Jennifer Hepler



I would like to say, on behalf of every single decent human being who is still left amongst the noise, anger, and bigotry of Bioware’s fanbase - I am sorry.

I am sorry that you ever had to go through the worst of people because you just wanted to write for Bioware. I’m sorry that this disgusting display has driven you from Bioware, and I hope that above all this does not damage your faith in humanity.

I hope that you go on to all that you deserve and hope for.

I’m sorry that you felt so afraid for your family that you had to leave your job rather than stay.

I’m sorry that whatever happened behind the scenes at BioWare couldn’t fix that lost sense of safety and security.

I’m sorry that the voices of abusive, misogynistic assholes still ring louder and carry more social power in the gaming “community” than someone like me.

I’m sorry anybody ever told you to “get over it” or “it’s just some asshole on the internet” or a thousand other platitudes meant to diminish and invalidate the pain you experienced.

I’m sorry that people can even still describe gamers as a “community” when things like this happen every damn day.

I’m sorry you ever felt unsafe.

I’m not sorry you made the decision you did to protect yourself and your family. But I am sorry, very sorry, that you even had to make it in the first place.

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Introducing… Jakface’s DRAGON AGE art & calendar giveaway!

I have a lot of leftover art and calendars from last year. I know some of you didn’t get one of them when they were available, so here is your 20 chances to win one, along with a bunch of other awesome stuff! The pins are from the set I created back here. (Only the DA related ones!)


  • You must be following me! (It’s for my followers/fans after all!)
  • You can only reblog up to 5 times. Likes count as one, but reblogs up your chances!
  • No likes/reblogs from giveaway blogs count.
  • It’s International so I will ship ANYWHERE!
  • Winners must contact me within 1 week or else they forfeit their prize!
  • The Giveaway ends at the END OF JUNE and winners will be drawn on July 1st - CANADA DAY!


2 Grand Prize Packages include:

2 Second Tier Prize Packages include:

  • 1 Dragon Age calendar
  • 4 8x10 Hotties of Thedas prints
  • 1 5x7 prints
  • 2 2x3 prints
  • 2 buttons

4 Third Tier Prize Packages include:

  • 1 Dragon Age calendar
  • 2 8x10 prints
  • 1 5x7 print
  • 1 2x3 print

3 Fourth Tier Prize Packages include:

  • 1 Dragon Age calendar
  • 1 8x10 print
  • 1 5x7 print

2 Fifth Tier Prize Packages include:

  • 1 5x7 print
  • 1 2x3 print
  • 1 button

3 Sixth Tier Prize Packages include:

  • 1 5x7 print
  • 1 button

2 Seventh Tier Prizes include:

  • 1 5x7 print

Also, a Dragon Age Calendar will be given to 2 lucky winners. Which makes 20 prizes in all! Good luck, everyone!

Remember, it ends July 1st, 2012!




Isabella by *sio-vanilla

A Long Rambling Post About Game Writing and Where I Am Now


I hate this feeling.

In the grand scheme of problems it’s not even on the radar, but I still feel the need to bitch. I am putting it below a cut, though, so anything that happens to you if you click it… totally on you.

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I have faith in you!

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Legion. Geth Infiltrator. And all around awesome dude.

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Witch of the Wilds by *Blinck

She got you turian chocolate?

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